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Health insurance may be the last thing on your mind as a happy and healthy 20-something-year-old. However, having a health insurance plan will certainly benefit you in the future! There is no “best age” to get health insurance per se but we have compiled the top 5 reasons to get yourself a health insurance policy before you reach your 30s.

1- Stress and leading hectic lifestyles can increase your risk of illnesses

Stress-related hypertension, diabetes and heart disease are taking their toll on young, high-powered professionals who have no idea how unhealthy they are until something truly serious happens and they wake up to reality.

Regular check-ups and being aware of your health status are an important way to ensure that you maintain a healthy body and mind.

This is one of the main reasons why purchasing a health insurance policy in time can be enormously beneficial to you.

2 – Financial Planning

In addition to the benefits and lower premium, it helps in financial planning as well. The health plan would cover your unfortunate, unforeseen accidents or your medical expenses.

3 – Be an early bird when it comes to all your benefits

Some health plans have a waiting period for the treatment of pre-existing conditions, surgeries or any other special treatment. At a younger age, you might not need these benefits yet so you can afford to wait for those benefits to apply. When you’re older, you might need to access these benefits immediately. Invest in affordable medical cover now so that you can make full use of your benefits when the need arises.

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