Wesmart Blog post (Health Insurance is not as expensive as you think)-01[1]

The most common assumption about health insurance is that it’s too expensive. Although healthcare is quite pricey, at Wesmart, we offer affordable medical cover.

Health insurance is generally more affordable than medical aid. That’s because medical insurance manages the costs by using set service providers and formularies for treatment. A formulary is a list of codes relating to pathology, radiology and medicines that are covered and paid for at agreed rates by a health insurance provider. Explore two of our medical insurance covers below:

1. Docsure Primary

Dubbed “your day-to-day solution”, this option covers the pivotal benefits that one would expect from a medical insurance like GP consultations, dentistry, acute medication, chronic medication and over the counter and health screening. You also get specialist consultations and an optometry benefit. Premiums start from R455 for the principal insured and can go as low as R364 for an individual with an adult dependent.

2. Docsure Demasure

Much like Docsure Primary, Docsure Demasure offers many of the standard benefits as well as an Accident Benefit, Casualty Benefit and 24-hour Emergency Medical Services. This cover starts at R575 for the principal insured and R460 for an individual with an adult dependent.

These are just two of the affordable medical cover options available and they offer great value for money. Apply for affordable health insurance today: http://bit.ly/35GbeAT