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Adult Dependent
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Child Dependent
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hospital footprint

Access to private or state facilities,
authorised by Africa Assist.

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maternity benefit

Up to a maximum of R30 000 per confinement. Limited to 1 event per policy every 12 months.

Comprehensive Advanced page banner_Daily illness Benefit
daily illness benefit

Day 1: R10 000
Day 2: R6 500
Day 3: R5 000
Day 4 onwards: R3 000 per day.
Limited to 21 days per admission.
Paid-up to a maximum of the stated benefits, which includes all related costs to the admission.

Comprehensive Advanced page banner_Accidental death benefit
accident benefit

Sub-limit of R150 000 per event, limited to R300 000 per policy.
Per annum for an individual.
Sub-limit of R300 000 per event.
Limited to R600 000 per policy per annum for a family.

Comprehensive Advanced page banner_Casualty benefit
casualty benefit

Limited to R2 000 per policy per annum must be authorised, illness related admissions.

Comprehensive Advanced page banner_Additional cover benefit
shortfall benefit

Limited to R10 000 per policy per annum, illness related admissions.

Comprehensive Advanced page banner_Shortfall benefit
24 hour emergency medical services

Preauthorised by Africa Assist. R50 000 PPPA.



Wesmart is a medical insurance product and therefore may review the premium on an annual basis.  In the event of this occurring, we will notify you 30 days in advance of any changes to benefits or premium.The benefits mentioned are a summary and the full terms, conditions and limitations.Where we make mention of Formulary, we make reference to an approved list agreed to by Wesmart relating to the specific benefit.

Waiting periods, limitations and exclusions