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It’s easy to be tempted to skimp on health insurance in order to cut costs. But what if health insurance is actually more of an investment than a loss? Read on to discover just much you benefit from affordable medical cover.

Financial security

Many medical issues or emergencies can arise out of the blue. A major benefit of health insurance is that it helps you to safeguard against escalating medical costs and incurring debt. It also grants you access to quality private healthcare for you and your dependents.

Attracting and retaining staff

If you’re an employer, incorporating health insurance as a benefit for your staff is great for company culture and morale. Knowing that your company is contributing to give them access to affordable medical cover lessens the burden for employees, thus minimising stress. It also reduces the admin of them having to find their own health insurance provider. These benefits help you to position yourself as an employer of choice to both prospective employees and current staff ⁠— thus helping you to attract and retain them respectively.

Access to preventative care

Preventative care is important because it often ensures that illnesses are caught early and treated promptly. This is especially important if you have a family history of certain illnesses or young dependents who need regular health screenings or immunisations. In fact, young dependents are more prone to “minor” medical incidents such as breaking or fracturing bones than their older counterparts.

Access to a network of quality healthcare providers

When using medical insurance, you get access to a range of quality healthcare providers like doctors, dentists and specialists. You can rest assured that you’ll receive care endorsed by your medical insurance provider.

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