Terminology for dummies

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Financial Advice and Intermediary Services Act

Financial Intelligence Centre Act

Protection of Personal Information Act

Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment

Frequently Asked Questions

Council for Medical Schemes

Financial Sector Conduct Authorit

Per Month

Financial Services Provider

Key Individual

Policy Protection Rules

Guarantee of Payment / Letter of Guarantee

General Practitioner

Intensive Care Unit

Length of Stay

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Motor Vehicle Accident

National Health Recommended Price List

Over the Counter (medication)

Pedestrian Vehicle Accident

To Take Out (Take Home Medication)


Date of Birth

Date of Commencement

Proof of Payment

Twenty-Four Hours a Day Seven Days a Week

Identity Document

List of codes relating to pathology, radiology and medicines that are covered and paid for at agreed rates by Wesmart

Injury on Duty