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With the rising cost of healthcare, coupled with the busy and stressful life of the average modern person, neglecting your health is not a choice that you can afford to make. But there is a lot to consider. See the top four tips for choosing the right health insurance plans below.

Mind your budget/pocket

A general rule of thumb is that your medical insurance should typically not exceed 10% of your monthly income. That’s already quite steep for some people. However, as important as price is, remember that the less you pay, the less benefits are made available to you.

Consider your health needs

You’ll have to analyse your own health needs in order to choose the best plan for yourself. If you have dependents, you’ll need to check that their needs are covered too. Do you or any of your loved ones need a specialist? Do you need regular doctor’s appointments? Do you need medication or have a chronic illness? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may need to consider a comprehensive health insurance option.

Consider how much you and your family have spent on medical expenses for the last year to help you.

Confirm which hospitals you are allowed to use

Medical insurance companies have a set network of service providers that their members must use. Establish which hospitals and doctors the medical insurance you are considering allows so you can make an informed decision about whether their service providers satisfy your needs medically.

Look at the annual hospital limits

Hospital stays are generally a lot more than most people realise. Do a bit of homework to see if they really are sufficient for the potential needs of your family.

At Wesmart, we offer you a wide range of health insurance plans so you can choose the plan that suits you and you family best.