As a responsible employer, we are taking the threat and associated risks related to the COVID-19 pandemic seriously.

Firstly, we will remain attentive and ensure that business carries on as usual (where appropriate), maintaining service standards and levels for all our valued broker partners and all our clients during this unprecedented time in the history of the world and of our country. In adherence to the instructions from the President of South Africa as conveyed on Monday, the 23rd of March 2020, Wesmart staff will be working on a total remote basis for the 21-day national lockdown period. Additionally, our Broker Consultants (BCs) are available as usual via phone, email and any other media available to our brokers.

While this is not an ideal situation, we have executed our formal “COVID-19 Disaster Plan”, which sees the full workforce working remotely during this period. We are geared and have taken some measures to ensure service standards are maintained at the level you are accustomed to.

Wesmart is dependent upon certain outsourced partners to maintain functionality. In this regard, we have received confirmation from Africa Assist, PAMC and Mediscor that their plans and operational procedures are in place. The reality is also that there is the possibility that the effects of increased demand in the coming days may affect the service of big network providers and Eskom, on which we are reliant for data and power. Operationally, we remain at your disposal as per normal, unless we are faced with an unforeseen challenge.

With regards to how Wesmart relating to this virus will be handled, we will apply normal policy rules and protocols as set out in the terms and conditions of the policy for the relevant product option.

Thank you for your understanding as well as your ongoing support of Wesmart.


The Wesmart Team