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Health insurance plays an important role in ensuring that you receive quality healthcare. Unfortunately, getting affordable medical cover can turn into quite the mission. Nonetheless, it’s essential to apply for affordable health insurance and here are the top three reasons why:

1. Financial burden and crippling debt

It’s no secret that quality healthcare can be quite expensive and foregoing medical insurance means that you’ll have to pay for that directly out of your own pocket. An illness or accident can set you back significantly, eating through both your income and your savings.
Alarmingly, a study done by Harvard University indicates that medical expenses are the biggest cause of personal bankruptcies, accounting for 62% of them and even surpassing job loss.

2. Delayed care

Most people without health insurance postpone going for annual check-ups or health screenings. This is risky because health screenings can help doctors detect an illness early. Early detection can minimise the severity of an illness and possibly even save a life.

3. Risk to loved ones

Your loved ones will be under pressure to help you with medical bills should you be unable to pay. They’ll also be under pressure if they have to take care of you either financially or physically if you cannot afford proper medical care. It will be even worse if your health deteriorates and you have dependents that are relying on you.

Overall, lack of health insurance presents many risks that can be avoided. Wesmart has many healthcare cover options that can help you to safeguard your health, finances and peace of mind. Apply for affordable health insurance today: https://bit.ly/2NB5Gzi